Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bad news, good news.

A good new year to you our friends!

Bad news first; one of our members seem to have been doing to much of something he shouldn't have, and that has rendered him useless for practice and recording. So we've had to postpone the recording of the new album as for now. We hope for a quick recovery, and hope for a 2011 release of our next, still untitled, album. It's a little early for titles and such, but we'll tell you in good time.

Good news is: progress with the writing process is good! We've been making mean riffs at a steady pace, and we're not too far from finishing the songs for the album.

If you were living under the illusion that we are some mean nasty motherfuckers, we can now reveal that we are in fact a group of middle-aged men, and at rehearsal we're only drinking fermented green tea from teeny-tiny tea-cups.




But, have no fear! We still managed to shake som rock and roll from our dirty old bones. See you soon!



Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hell Is Just a Breath Away - St Satan

The summer in Noway has so far been crappy. A guy called Bill Wiese checked out a destination that at least some high temperatures, and lived to tell the story. We're helping him spread his message, and you can check out the whole story here:
. Crazy stuff. Or just check out our new video (literally!) below!

Some guy posted a message on our Facebook-page along the lines of "Satan is not your friend, he wants your soul and he wants you to burn in hell", with a link to the following page The page has much more evil imagery and references to Satan than your average Black Metal band for sure! We checked out Bill Wiese, who claims to have been to Hell for real (no kidding!) and does tours telling people about it. Fascinating stuff. And the page has download links for the lecture and encourages people to share the footage.

And that's just what we did. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A few updates

From St Satan Live release

Horns for Adornment now available on the excellent service Spotify, click here. Also available on the Norwegian streamingservice Wimp, click here. There's even a St Satan Amazon Store in the works!

We've got some honorable mentions on the excellent blog Doomed To Be Stoned In A Sludgeswamp and also on Norway's premiere rock show, Pyro.

Next month we will appear on a MP3-compilation for the Italian fanzine Noize with several other stoner band from all around Europe. Check out their current metal-compilation here.

Stay tuned for another video pretty soon, and remember you can name your price (min 3$) for full quality audio, cover art and an awesome cartoon over at our Bandcamp page.

Most important of all, we're working hard on tunes for our next album!
Keep your hands under the blanket.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paralyzed - St Satan

2 videos in one week, pretty badass huh? The footage is from the recording of "Horns for Adornment" and is actually a pretty good fit for the song. If we were Radiohead, people would have praised the video as ingenious. Luckily, we're not!

And check this space, there might be even more of these videos in the near future!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New video: Wolffish!

We've got a video. It's a tribute to one of the most evil grey motherfuckers and shiny beasts ever to appear on screen, and the men who battled it 'til death. Youtube banned the video straight away, well, who can blame them? But, we're not stealing, we're just paying our respect! Anyway, please check out the video below (before we get sued!) and share with all your hardrocking amigos and amigas. Enjoy!



Wolffish - St Satan

St. Satan | MySpace-musikkvideoer

- we're gonna need a bigger boat.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

The recording of "Horns For Adornment"

From StS Duper dag 0

So, we recorded, mixed, mastered, printed, uploaded and had a releaseparty for "Horns for adornment" last saturday. How did it go, and what did we learn? 
First of all, we suck at getting publicity. The whole "record an album in one day" ought to generate some buzz, but all we got was one print article and 5 web pages posting our press release. Our name does not work to our advantage, we found some of our emails didn't make it through the spamfilter, probably due to Satan in the subject line. Kids: selling your soul to satan is overrated, it just doesn't work!

From StS Duper dag 0
We printed the album cover before the recording, so we had to stick to the songs on the cover and the playlist on the cover. We delivered the cover 2 days before the recording, and that turned out to be just fine. 
Also, we had planned a big social media campaign during the recording-session, but that was kinda crippled by the lack of wifi in the new studio, but hey, that's why we have 3G, right? The setup was: Qik postings to blogger, Facebook publishes the Blogger RSS-feed and also publishes to Twitter, and then Myspace posts the Twitter-feed. Facebook proved to be the weak link here, so we did most of our posting to Twitter.

The studio work actually started on Friday when we did the setup and checked the levels. This is NOT cheating, everything on the album was recorded on Saturday!
We started in the studio Saturday at 10. Might seem a little late, considering, but Thomas had a gig on the other side of the country Friday, took the first flight Saturday morning and was ready at 10. After some initial setup, the tape (yeah, we recorded on tape, old school) started rolling at 11. 

From St Satan Recording HFA

The recording process is documented at our twitter-account

11:26 - First song
11:34 - Second song
12:06 - Third song
12:39 - Fourth song
1:14 - Fifth song
3:45 - Songs 6-8 done
4:43 - Done recording all songs!
5:34 - Listened, some editing ang backupvocals done, leaving for soundcheck
6:00 - 7:00 soundcheck
7:00 - Dinner
8:30 - at Happy Sound Factory, waiting for the mix
9:18 - First CD copied
10:15 - Low bitrate version available at Soundcloud
10:38 - CD-quality version available for streaming and paid download at Bandcamp
23:40 - St Satan hit the stage at Garage
23:59 - 100 CD's arrive at the venue

We opted for Soundcloud and Bandcamp for digital distribution, due to ease of use and fast uploading, so we could keep it within the time-frame of the project, and because our good friend Gisle recommended the sites. Karisma Record have been interested in the project all along, and ended up distributing the physical copies, and Artspages will handle the rest of the digital distribution, getting us on Spotify, iTunes etc.

From St Satan Live release
As you can see, a pretty busy day! We had loads of fun, and having a finished, printed CD in your hands less than 11 hours after the tape started rolling was indescribable. We've listened to the album a lot this last week, and we all agree - it has everything a good album should have. Good, timeless rock tracks, high energy and some damn fine playing. To us, this was a great success!

From st satan

But wait, there's more! The recording-session was also documented by Kim Holm, a cartoonist every bit as kick-ass as the band, took our challenge: make a cartoon-rockamentary, and release it at the concert in the evening. And so he did, captured the humorous energy from the studio, and produced 21 pages of rock'n'roll mayhem! He handmade the front-cover the day before, and the back is all of our signatures, and he made and sold 17 exclusive copies the same night.  

From St Satan Live release
There it is, we can totally recommend it, but get your shit together before you try something like this, and be sure to have really competent people in the studio who are on the same page as you. And financially? After every member bought 10 CD's to sell to friends and family, the whole project is break even! We now have a kick-ass album that can take us anywhere, everywhere and nowhere, we own all the rights, and we are debt-free! Pretty awesome if you ask us.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Here is it! Horns For Adornment!

We'll post an update about the recording, party and everything else soon. In the meantime; heeeeeere's Johnny!

<a href="">Human Avalanche by St Satan</a>


Horns For Adornment by St. Satan